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The Epson printer's error state issue occurs due to multiple reasons like outdated software, hardware problem, or network connection errors. To resolve the Epson printer in error state problem, you will first have to ensure the wires and cables at their places. Secondly, you should keep the Epson printer drivers updated as it will help you debug various printer issues. Go to the Epson support website, log in to your Epson account, and check the latest drivers. Download the same on your PC and start using your printer. If you still see an error state issue in the Epson printer, open the printer cartridge access door and make sure the paper is not stuck inside. If you find any foreign material, then eradicate it. Besides, the empty or low ink cartridge sometimes creates an error state problem in Epson. Check them and reinstall the cartridges if needed. Hopefully, these steps will help you resolve the error state issue.

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